Today’s generation of marketing professionals are likely coming from the leading colleges and business schools across the country. They probably believe in the need to build a brand, gush over how to exploit social media, and propose marketing $ be poured into mass-marketing advertising.

Tom espouses a mantra that all you need for success can be found within your own four walls. He strongly advocates taking care of your internal customers- your employees so they become your marketing ambassadors. He is a people person who preaches that the path to success is the one that affords the most influence, costs you the least, and offers the biggest payoff: to live a joyful life of uncommon success.

Prior to a 40-year trajectory as consultant to Fortune 500 companies, he served as senior vice-president for international, billion-dollar advertising agency, Bozell Advertising. As Ray Kroc’s disciple, he began his career with McDonald’s, rising up to become a senior-level marketing executive.


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