Live a Joyful Life with Financial Success: If you are fed up with the rat race, and want to rediscover the art of living a heart-centered, joyful life while reaching your financial dreams, then UNCOMMON WISDOM is for you

Uncommon Wisdom

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  • So you've got the career, the spouse, the kids, the pet, the cars, the house, the vacations... Trouble is, you're so frantic, frazzled, and overwhelmed you don't have time to enjoy any of it. A unique resource for those individuals who are trying to balance a hectic professional career with a fulfilling personal life.

    People everywhere feel overwhelmed today, weighed down by countless responsibilities, and knocked around by never-ending changes in their personal and professional lives. Above all, they say they are not fulfilled. Having reached the point in their lives they have been striving for, they look around and ask, "How can I live joyfully while accomplishing my financial objectives?" Lively and intelligent writing, personal examples and stories illustrate a comprehensive guide for living a joyful life while fulfilling your financial dream. Uncommon Wisdom is not intended as a "how to" - it's more of a "how about?" It is a book about creating permanent joy and tranquility while enhancing your financial success. Sounds impossible, or even contradictory? Tom Feltenstein, an innovator in life and author of 13 books, centered in his experience as father, athlete, husband, speaker, CEO, marketing strategist, philanthropist and community leader, presents a practical blueprint that speaks to true, lasting fulfillment and financial success.

    • How about finding meaning in your life, and using this meaning to leverage your success?
    • How about creating abundant wealth and discovering new pathways for success while rooted in uncommon journey of self-discovery?




    "I  first met Tom when I had him on my televisio show, Larry King Live, discussing Uncommon Wisdom. This is a book I keep by me a lot. I can turn to any page in Uncommon Wisdom and get a lot out of it. - Larry King; Larry King Live, CNN

    "...It's perfect for reading in short takes. Those in a harried, hurried ranks just might feel a chord struck. As you read, you might find a way to become a more effective manager, without feeling that you've sacrificed your soul. We face impossible deadlines...We fight competitors who don't sleep...That ethos has given rise to a new genre of self-help...Uncommon Wisdom." - USA TODAY

    "Tom Feltenstein's book is an important step in returning healthy ethics to the business community. Money is not God, but the financial world surely projects that message. His suggestion is that life's true wealth is measured in things far more soulful than property, and we had better put them into our life, as a way of life, if the human business community is ever to recapture its humanity." - Patch Adams, MD 


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