"You did an outstanding job of motivating .. .it's a difficult task to keep a group's interest for an entire day, but you had no difficulty keeping them on the edge of their seats! You got rave reviews from the unit marketing directors. They continue to thank me for having invited you."-    

Dan T. Cathy  CEO Chick-Fil-A Inc

"Your session was so exactly what we needed! It moved the mind set of our franchisees from - marketing success is the responsibility of the franchisor to its mine the franchisee."-  

Ken Gibson CEO of LearningRx

"Tom Feltenstein shared with Liberty Tax Service his perspective of neighborhood marketing and the "Four Walls" concept. His charisma and story-telling captivated the audience and helped to encourage and motivate our franchisees towards a successful future. Many commented that he was the best keynote speaker that this organization has enlisted."-

John T. Hewitt CEO of Virginia Beach, Va.-based Liberty Tax

"I want to thank you for your priceless contribution to the conference. Without you, it would have just been more 'blowing in the wind'. You, my dear man, are wonderful. Thanks again for being part of our family!" -  

Nick Whitehead CEO Oxford Learning

"Your ability to continually update your message and be rated as one of the most effective keynotes speaks to your leadership and uncanny ability to reach audiences.

In closing Tom, want to express our deep appreciation for all you've done as a dynamic keynote speaker for Restaurant LeadershipConference and its attendees."-  David Jobe President, Leadership Conferences

"In the many years that we have been gathering with our franchise partners, I cannot recall anyone who has had as much impact on all of us as what you gave that weekend. Your message was so powerful and logical that the group was nodding in unison that you were bringing a plan that was doable and at the right time.


Your delivery made the session most enjoyable. Your whole plan left no room for debate rather "how quick can we get started", You became the topic of discussion since."-            

Dan Bishop CEO The Maids International

You did a masterful job of putting together a keynote presentation that hit a bulls-eye with the thousand or so franchising executives in the audience. -                          

Don DeBolt Former President of the IFA


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