The Keys to Remarkability

How remarkable are you?  Tom will reveal the Keys to Remarkability.


  • Six secret weapons to increase top line sales and customer counts.

  • Four amazing strategies for broadening customer base, encouraging repeat sales and boosting average sale.

  • Seven secrets for recruiting TOP talent.

  • The eight questions to ask when recruiting.

  • Five ground-breaking profit strategies to cash in on the most profitable, yet most OVERLOOKED market niche in your neighborhood.

  • Ten killer promotions to boost sales and profitability

67 Proven Killer Promotions for

Outrageous Success in the New Millennium


Do you have marketing challenges? Don’t worry. In this speech, Tom will reveal 67 of his most successful and innovative marketing tactics. If you are looking for fresh, bold and creative solutions, this speech is a must for you.  You’ll get Tom’s hottest and most creative solutions to your challenges.

Advertising and Marketing Can Kill Your Brand

Learn the Seven Secrets of SUPERCHARGING your sales and the 11 proven strategies to gain an almost unfair advantage over your competition. 

Change Is Good, You Go First


If you don’t like change, you’ll like irrelevance a lot less!  One thing is for sure…if you give up too soon, you’ll never know what you’ll be missing. Keep going and

 NEVER quit.

  • Change what needs changing, not what’s easy.

  • Don’t try to change the way the game is played, change the game!

  • Don’t be different just to be different, be different to be better.

  • When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.

The NEW Rules of Engagement: 

Rhetoric is Out…Engagement is In!


Are you ready for the future?  The battle for the hearts and minds of your customer raging right now!  The old days of telling customers what they want, and how they want it are OVER.  To understand what is coming for marketing and how to prepare for it now, you must know the NEW Rules of Engagement:

  • Fire Yourself

  • Be Contagious

  • Little drop…BIG Ocean

  • Get Over Yourself

  • Caffeinate

  • Stop Telling, Start Listening

  • Social Integration

  • Follow Directions

  • Engage Audiences

  • Get a New Job

The Untold Secret of How 4 Walls Branding

& Neighborhood Marketing Can Work For You

How a pair of Golden Arches changed the course of business

through 4 walls branding and neighborhood marketing.  Tom

learned these secrets from “only the best”… as McDonald’s Ray Kroc’s protégé.  Ray’s dedication to local marketing helped grow into a global powerhouse – one location at a time.  Learn what happens when you RULE your 4 walls and your neighborhood!

The Heart of the Matter –

For Growing Sales and Transactions…



  The battle for talent is on…are you asking the right questions to get the best people?  It’s difficult to perform like an EAGLE when you are in a flock of TURKEYS.   Tom reveals 8 MUST HAVE interview questions that are sure to help you differentiate eagles from turkeys.



Mediocrity is the enemy of greatness, it is the enemy of success.



The great aim of educating is not to impart knowledge but action!



First impressions count – yours and theirs



Celebrate your employees who in turn celebrate your business & products



Set your entire team up to WIN by giving them the knowledge &

skill set to be the best.  The goal of training is PERFORMANCE! 


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